House of Worship

Your congregation has a unique set of audio-visual needs, from the traditional house-of-worship to the artistic and modern worship centers of today. Regardless of format or budget, for a message to be effective, it needs to not only be seen and heard – it needs to be experienced. That’s what Porche' Advanced Systems brings to the table – experience. From lighting, sound and video displays, to the integration of interactive educational equipment, it’s our job to make certain that each area of your facility provides your congregation with an optimum worship experience.


We approach your new multi-media system with the needs of your congregation in mind. From our initial consultation to the final draft of your audio-visual plan, our goal is to make certain that your equipment provides an optimal experience for those who attend your house-of-worship. Porche' Advanced Systems will provide a clean, organized and timely installation, which is functional, yet aesthetically pleasing. We’re here to help you understand what multi-media technologies are available today, and prepare you for eventual upgrades as your community grows. At Porche', we are ever conscious of your budget, with an eye on meeting your congregation’s unique set of communication needs.

We understand that your message is multidimensional, and your media can be as well. At Porche' Advanced Systems, we are looking for an ideal package to suit your specific needs. We take into account your facility’s current size and capabilities, always anticipating future needs and expansion. We offer department-based implementation, from music and education, to everyday worship and large-scale events.

Audio Offerings

Your facility’s quality of sound can effect a congregation’s reception of a sermon, which is why we offer large format and background audio solutions to suit any size hall, as well as sound technologies that will meet the needs of your entire facility. We take into account the psychology of sound, and calibrate your audio to best optimize the natural acoustics of your worship hall.

Often, facilities require that audio capabilities, such as distributed background music, extend beyond the worship hall to the rest of the facility. At Porche', we provide these solutions, along with communication tools, such as whole-facility paging. In the event that your needs extend beyond the boundaries of your house-of-worship to an out-of-doors event, Porche' can provide you with portable, modular sound systems.

Video Offerings

Coupling video and audio only serves to enhance the experience your members have at your house-of-worship. Imagery, movement and color are vital to securing your congregation’s attention and making certain that your message is retained. We at Porche' understand this, which is why we provide a plethora of multi-screen video solutions, from projectors and flat screens, to digital facility signage. Your message can be seen and heard in real-time, with live service feeds made possible by our integrated camera systems. This makes certain that all of the individuals in your house-of-worship have the same opportunity to experience your sermon as it is happening.

We also offer convenient, cutting-edge educational tools, such as digital white boards (with iPad integration) in your classrooms.

Lighting Offerings

Environment is everything when it comes to setting the tone in which your message will be received. To accomplish this, there is no component more effective than proper lighting. Porche offers indoor and outdoor architectural dimming to suit even the most modest of needs.

For those that require a more theatrical approach, we offer static and intelligent static and intelligent stage lighting. Combine this with atmospheric effects, such as fog, or haze, and you will carry your congregation into a true multi-media experience. As with all of our audio-visual offerings, we also provide portable outdoor lighting options should you need to extend your message beyond the confines of your worship hall.


When designing your multi-media platform, we remove many unknown factors by doing proper research and analysis of your facility. Then we provide a 3-D mock-up of what your audio-visual solution will accomplish. You will know up-front what your system can do, and, after your training, your system’s capabilities will only be limited by your imagination and creativity.


We make every effort to provide a trouble-free multi-media system by taking a practical, thorough, hands-on approach to training you and your staff. During your training session, we will provide real-world scenarios and working situations, from basic equipment operation, to utilizing your multi-media software to its fullest potential. When problems do arise, you and your staff will be prepared to work through them, and, if you can’t find a solution, we’re there to keep you up and running for up to 60 days from the initial training session. Once those 60 days are up, we offer additional on-site training packages. Ultimately, our goal at Porche' Advanced Systems is to provide your house-of-worship with a top-of-the-line, worry-free multimedia system that you can use with ease, and upgrade as your facility expands and your congregation grows.

We offer state-of-the-art multi-media equipment, combined with professional, aesthetically pleasing installations and on-site training. We can provide a quality audiovisual package that meets your congregation’s needs, and, when you’re ready to grow, we’re there to help you make the transition.

The bottom line is this; you want the individuals and families who call your house-of-worship “home” to have the full experience of what that means. Porche' Advanced Systems wants the same thing.